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Shipping Regulation for Cuba & Venezuela
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   US CASE example.pdf (172.2K) [21] DATE : 2020-03-31 10:35:07
   EU example.pdf (101.7K) [11] DATE : 2020-03-31 10:35:07
Dear Valuable overseas partners,
ONE shipping who is our primary carrier for L. America informed new sanction guideline for Cuba and Venezuela. According to new sanction, Cuba has become prohibited country and Venezuela has become subject to due diligence screening before business.
Although we don’t offer direct consolidation service for both Cuba and Venezuela –instead our route is via C.F.Z, Panama-, all trade lanes are subject to this sanction and we’ve decided to apply same regulations on all shipments for Cuba and Venezuela accordingly.
Please make sure below new regulations and share this notice with your colleagues and customers. If you have any inquiry, please contact Ms. Jane and Ms. Flora at, This update is taken effect immediately.
• FPOD NAME : All ports and cities in Cuba and Venezuela (VIA C.F.Z.)
1. Cuba
All cargo is prohibited for Cuba if the address of shippers, consignees, notifying parties or final destination in B/L include “Cuba” or any other city names in Cuba.
2. Venezuela
Due diligence screening is required for Venezuela before loading. Please check in adavnce if shippers, consignees, vendors, agents, forwarders, and other all related parties are listed in sanction or not.
STEP 1. Make sure the cargo is not for military use or transformable for weapon
STEP 2. Please enter in below website and search if customer/vendor/partner is listed or not.
[US CASE] - Find attached 'US CASE example' file.
Please be noted that all customer/vendor/partner in B/L (Actual House B/L also) must not be listed in below website and mentioned “Your search has not returned any results” after searching.
[EU] - Find attached 'EU example' file.
Please enter in this website and download EXCEL or PDF file and search all customer/vendor/partner in B/L (Actual House B/L also).
All customer/vendor/partner in B/L (Actual House B/L also) must not be found in the sanction list.
STEP 3. Please keep all records and send us in order to check with shipping line. Until our confirmation, you must not ship out from origin port.