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작성일 : 16-08-19 08:56
Mandatory Submission of 6-Digits HS Code for Export Cargo to Jamaica
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   Mandatory Submission of 6-Digits HS Code for Inbound Cargo.pdf (477.4K) [47] DATE : 2016-08-19 08:56:19
Dear all,

Be advised that as informed since May, HS Code and Freighted BL will be mandatory for JAMAICA from September 1st.

  For shipments with final destination JAMAICA, bls must be freighted, without exceptions.
  6-digits HS Code of all shipments with final destination JAMAICA, must be included on bl description. (This new regulation will start on Sept 1st, 2016)

For shipments deemed “Personal Effects and Household Goods” it seems we will have to use the HS Code for the commodity with the greater volume eg. it is “Clothing and Groceries” then one could use either “Clothing” or “Groceries” whichever commodity has the greater volume.

Jamaica Customs is using the HS Code as a “Risk Management” tool so please ensure the Shipper/Supplier provides you with the 6 Digit HS Code so this information can be inputted to the Master Bill of Lading, house bill of Lading and the house manifest using a .csv file etc.

**In case of fines due to missing information, will be invoice to origin agent.