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작성일 : 16-07-29 17:48
ChassisS Split Fee Implementation Update
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*** Chassis Split Fee****

Double Chassis Split Fee $130.00 applies to containers coming out of LBCT
Single Chassis Split Fee $65.00 applies to containers from below terminals & under these Lines

All Dry Reefers with the excemption of those under MATS containers
All containers out of SHIPPERS Transport with the excemption of MATS containers

All Dry Off-Hired (leased) Containers
All CMA CGM Containers (CMDU, ANLC, USLB)
All Hamburg Sud Containers (SUDU)
All Zim Containers (ZIMU)

All Containers picked-up and returned to Pier A Terminal - Effective 5/3/16
All Evergreen (EGLV) with the excemption of containers picked up @ ETS Terminal - Effective 5/5/16
All containers returned to LBCT terminal - Effective 5/5/16

****Chassis Rentals****

$23.75 / day - Effective June 01, 2016

P/U: Monday thru Wedneday - Minimum of three (3) days chassis rental.
P/U: Thursday thru Saturday - Minimum of five (5) days chassis rental.

Special Note: Trucker's Rental chassis may apply to EGLV, MSC, WHLC, PIL & MATS containers in cases of chassis unavailabilty at the terminal.

***Own Chassis Pick-up***

$195.00 - Overweight Containers required by terminals